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Combination Tours

"The best of both worlds"
  1. Explorer Combo: 3.5 Hour Tour.
    Tour only done in morning. Tour consists of 1 Hour Quadbiking, 1 Hour Lie-Down Sandboarding and 1 Hour Living Desert on quadbikes. Includes transfer and water.
  2. Quadbiking & Lie Down Sandboarding: 3 Hour Tour.
    Tour can be done morning or afternoon. 2 Hours Quadbiking + 1 Hour Lie Down Sandboarding. Includes transfer and water.
  3. Explorer Tour: 2 Hour Tour.
    Drive with a quadbike in the Namib Dunes with a guide and look the Little 5 animals! Incl water and transfer.
  4. Marine Dune Day: Full Day Tour.
    Do a Dolphin Cruise in the morning starting at 08h00 and straight after a Sandwich Harbor tour and return to you accommodation at +- 18h00. Incl snacks/lunch and drinks.
  5. Skeleton Coast Park & Shipwreck Tour (Full Day Tour).
    Full Day guided skeleton coast tour visiting places Wlotzkasbaken (Old German Settlement) , Desert Lichen Fields, Zeila Shipwreck, Henties Bay (Stop for a coffee and pickup afternoon Lunch), Skeleton Coast Park (Looking for lost shipwrecks, whale skeletons, old mines, possible desert animals) , Torra Bay and lunch at Terrace Bay. A Photographers dream!

Please note rates may subject to change without any prior notice. Availability of tours, depends on guides available.


  1. (3.5 hours)
  2. (3 hours)
  3. (2 hours)
  4. (Full day)
  5. (Full day)

Pickup info:

From your accommodation

Cost per person:

  1. N$ 990 per person
  2. N$ 890 per person
  3. N$ 790 per person
  4. N$ 2,700 per person
  5. N$ 2,700 per person

Combination Tours:

  1. Explorer Combo
  2. Quadbike & Lie down sandboarding
  3. Explorer Tour
  4. Marine Dune Day
  5. Skeleton Coast North Drive
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